blasting box

The company O.O.T.B. Solutions a.s. uses a blasting box, manufactured and supplied by Spolmont s.r.o., for the mechanical removal of paint, dirt, and corrosion products. A handling cart uses rails to transport the objects into the box, where they are blasted manually.
The principle of this surface treatment method lies in the abrasive being thrown, at high speed, onto the surface of the object being cleaned. Upon impact, the abrasive material releases all impurities and corrosion products from the surface. There are two variants of blasting; they differ in the abrasive acceleration method. The air-blasting principle, which we use in our equipment, is based on compressed air. The thrust wheel method uses special wheels to accelerate the abrasive material. Blasting may also be used as a preparatory stage before further surface treatment (painting, zinc coating, metallization, etc.), surface hardening, treatment of various forms, as well as for the decorative treatment of objects.


Czech republic, Kroužek 117 (areál ZD), Rousínov, on the D1 highway, take Exit 216 (Rousínov)

blasting box

  • box dimensions: length – 5,000 mm, width – 4,000 mm, height – 3,000 mm
  • abrasive material: fine, sharp steel grit, or corundum
  • operating pressure: 4 – 8 MPa, depending on the thickness of the material being blasted

The surface treated by blasting may also be protected against corrosion by metal spraying (zinc or aluminum). We would like to offer this treatment method to our customers in the course of the next year.

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