work description

The O.O.T.B. Solutions a.s. uses the chemical process of paint removal. A suspending conveyor transports a cage with the items to be processed into the processing media. The temperature of the media depends on the chemical type; the media is continuously being rippled to enhance the efficiency of the paint removal chemical. After the paint has been removed, the items are thoroughly washed with pressurized water and an admixture of corrosion inhibitor, passivated, and dried.
The surface of the clean items may be treated again in the O.O.T.B. powder coating shop in Rousínov, U Mlýna 1a.

Samples of our work


Important customers

  • WANZL spol.s.r.o. (Olomouc)
  • TPCA (Kolín)
  • PARS KOMPONENTY s.r.o. (Studénka)
  • IFE a.s. (Brno)
  • OMNIKA s.r.o. (Hodonín)
  • ADAST SYSTEMS a.s. (Adamov)
  • EATON ELEKTROTECHNIKA s.r.o. (Suchdol nad Lužnicí)
  • MASTER BIKE s.r.o. (Zábřeh)
  • AZUB BIKE (Uherský Brod)
  • HESTEGO a.s. (Vyškov)
  • SEABORN PLASTICS s.r.o. (Brno)
  • INGERSOLL-RAND CZ s.r.o. (Uničov)
  • RENOCAR spol. s.r.o. (Brno)